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I have posted in here about this same problem in the past, but since this post is looking for answers, Ill quickly restate the situation: My nephew has been abusing painkillers (mainly Lortabs, but hes abused other pills as well I guess, altho he tells me its mainly the Lortab at about 10 per day of the 10mg types), and this past weekend he had a serious bout of sickness that was really quite scary---I get a call about 6:30am to hear this: in addition to painkillers, the past two nights he had taken several Sinu-Tab sinus tablets for sinus headaches he gets regularly, and woke up the next morning with several symptoms including fever, foot pain, bloated feeling in stomache, and a few others I dont recall. He was very scared of Acetomeniphen(sp?) poisoning and we were preparing to go to the ER, until he said it was going away, so I didnt wind up taking him. This was alot of new information for me to handle, and I really let him have it. I think that, in addition to his past abuse, is what finally convinced him to let me take him for the Liver/Kidney tests this week.

I recently posted about this, to get some info about the tests to check for damage to his Liver and/or Kidneys, and got the results today. First, thank you so much to Sadsister and Feelbad(Heather and Marcia) for the informative and helpful replies! Sorry I havent been around to reply sooner. However I was hoping if I listed the results here, we might get a better idea of exactly what the levels mean, or better yet to be able to compare them with somebody here with this kind of experience (because the doctor isnt in until tomorrow so were being made to wait--I guess that could be bad or good, I dont know). Anyways, here are the results the nurse read to us:

His ALT was a 67, and his bili ruben(sp?) was 1.5

Unfortunately it was a nurse who called b/c the office is closed, so we have to wait to see what the Doctor will say, but the nurse stated that these are Elevated Liver Enzyme levels. She said she has seen ppl with higher levels that showed no symptoms of liver problems, but they might have to send him to a specialist to further check his liver. Since she kept saying "dont stress about it" repeatedly, we both wondered if that was a bad sign---you know how that works. We were really hoping we could talk to a doctor about this today, and not have to wait. The waiting is harder than anything, and my nephew is literally sitting downstairs right now with a stone-cold look on his face.

From the reading Ive done in here, Im sure there are ppl who may remember what their levels were when experiencing Liver tests like this in the past. Would you mind sharing your experiences, and perhaps comment on what we should expect with test results like those listed above? I guess since we have to wait until the doctor calls tomorrow, were wondering just how serious those levels are; especially in comparison with those from ppl with similar experiences. These forums area blessing, not only for personal accounts but also for access to information that can seem hard to get elsewhere when somebody [I]really[/I] needs it. Thank you for ANY replies that might help us when we talk to the doctor tomorrow, it would really be nice to be able to talk to the doctor armed with some knowledge and information, so thank you all again!

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