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I'm glad my comments were of some help. Please excuse my comments about trying to convince you, I just have noticed that not unlike the real world itself, no matter what you say you experienced or have thoughts on, people on this board will usually believe what they want to.

And that is fine. I would just hate to see ANYBODY, go down the same road if comments on my experiences could be of some help. I had a hunch you did not take your doses of Hydrocodone for eurphoric effects, but if you don't feel an unstopable urge, often seen as an an obsession with getting back on the drug - or anything that will give you a buzz of some sort - just to get that feeling, even if you have trouble believing in anything to pray to (which unlike michelle (John 3:16), i do as well), pray - or at least thank something or someone you don't.

That is the definition of an addict. Someone who will continue to do engage in a behavior - and cannot stop even if they want - that begins to hurt them in a negative manner i.e. health or legal problems, financial problems (seen predominately in gambling addiction), the destruction of relationships, etc...

I hope that you find a way to fight the chronic pain you are having without resorting to narcotics, but you must be the judge of that.

And I also hope that if you find your way back to a Lortab just for the feeling it gives you, and not to fight the pain, you maybe could examine your choice a little more closely and, if needed, look into getting help before it snowballs and takes away years of your life. Congrats on your new job, and accomplishments in getting off of Lortab. I know withdrawals are hell and if will power is what is keeping you going and sober, than by all means, dive in head first.

But again, if you find yourself back, and for all the wrong reasons, believe in will power all you want, but also please get help and support. Or at least consider it. However due to your comments, and unless proven otherwise, chemically dependant seemed to be the problem and now that you are free from Hydros, I am thinking you should be fine.

I wish you luck with your chronic condition. And thanks for the kind words, they meant a lot.


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