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Re: Xanax
May 27, 2004
Just to clear up any possibe problem with my earlier post when i said that a dr. - any dr. saying a certain drug (not just benzos) was 'harder to withdraw from than herion' (i believe that was a direct quote from an earlier post) - many seem to have tremendous problems with benzos and i am in no way discounting their experiences or saying what they went through is not real. but to make an absolute ascertion like that when many abuseres i know have experienced just the opposite or nothing of the sort (i.e. withdrawal from opiates was hell for them while high benzo dosage withdrawl wasn't nearly as bad), i feel is just improper to say. our bodies are different and react differently to withdrawal from different meds. sure benzos - especially in high doses - can at times lead to seizures which, in turn, can lead to death. you can't get much worse than that. but is not a rule for all people and when a certified medical professional makes a blanket claim that it is, well i just find irresponsible. i for one withdrew - and this is not recommended and an usual case - 10 mg of Xanax a day cold turkey and felt litle to no effect after doing that amount for several months. on the other hand i withdrew (c.t. as well) from h and oc, felt like i was dying. benzos, especially in high dses, should be withdrawn from under a dr.'s supervision, but then again - just about any drug benzo, narcotic or otherwise should as well.

different drugs effect different people in different ways. all i was saying was that saying something is 'the unconditionally the worst to get off' and apply that statement to everyone is wrong, because it is simply not true in all cases. and to have a doctor say that only leads to more misinformation.

all drugs should be withdrawn from carefully. to me, that is a much more appropriate statement. if you want to include that benzo w/d can sometimes lead to seizures, fine but that does not apply to everyone and it certainly does not make benzo drugs the hardest of any to get off of for everyone.

it depends on the person, the amount of drug they were abusing, the length of time they were on it, how they choose to get off of it, and the drug itself. for example c/t w/d from 10 mg of valium a day vs c/t w/d from 400 mg of oxy a day really shouldn't be compared to one another. different drugs, diff. people, different just about everything.

that's all i was trying to say, and i didn't mean to offend anyone. just stating my opinion through my own experiences. stay strong everyone.


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