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Re: Twist of fate
May 28, 2004
Marcia, I do have brain damage :) Although my hair covers them quite well, im very accident prone, The one that really put me out of commission was at my old apartment, as funny as it sounds, I was in a bit of a stupor and fell alseep walking up the stairs, yes up the stairs, that actually should have killed me, the stairs were stoned concrete and I landed on the back of my neck, when I tried to stand up, that's when I fell back down and hit my tailbone. The doctor left me with 60 40mg OxyContin and 180 10mg Percocet, Man those went by fast.... I really do have an angel over my shoulder, I always say im sticking around to for fill someone elses fate. Bitter much.... Things arent really that great for me though, they're just better than they were :)

Mechelle, Ouch, I hope your (daughter/son?), is feeling better. As far as woman issues, Im not your typical male, yeah im a beer drinker :rolleyes: But I could care less about my guy time, My last fiance I was with for 6 years, she didnt have all that much, I gave her a nice home to live in, I always worked at home so I was the cook, im very OCD so the house was Immaculate, AND SHE WAS A SLOB!, We've been apart for 2 years now and she's still driving around in a car in my name, I was 19 when our daughter was born and I potty trained her fully by the time she was a year old, took that bottle out of her mouth at 6 months, Dont let me see her with a binky in her mouth! :nono: (she has beautiful teeth) She takes showers on her own (it's weird when youre a single dad giving your daughter a bath eek!) She starts kindergarden next month and she can read and write like a champ, She did nothing to contribute! One thing i couldnt resist, that girl slept in my arms until she was like 3 years old :) that was 3 years of me sleeping sitting up! (Im sure that has a lot to do with my back and neck pain also) This woman did nothing, and she actually wants custody of her, NOT!

But with the lortab thing, this was the girl I was dating after I broke up with miss piggy, We were friends for almost 8 years, I always supported her when she had a problems, she couldn't pay her student loan i'd help her out, she was fighting with her boyfriend and i'd let her vent. We had such a strong friendship (and I know this sounds funny) that we'd actually sleep and hold eachother and not "do anything". :cool: Well that came to a hault! My parents retired so I had a baby sitter and had more "me" time, We were dating so she kinda stayed with me for a few days at a time and then went back home for a few days, I stated noding off a lot, we'd be at a movie and i'd be fast alseep on her shoulder, I'd be driving and well... I'd be fast asleep on her shoulder. :D She just called me one day and said, ya know with school and all, and you having a daughter, i dont think we should get too close. I was like B*LLSHIT what's your issue? She just came straight foward, (she was snooping) She told me that I never talk about "my-self" (isnt that what women want?), you're way too nice to me (isnt that what women want?) and why the HELL do you have BOXES full of morphine and insulin syringes in your closet? (wow, i gues they dont like that) She knew about my past, we talked and I made a deal with her, I said, right now it's 11:00pm, I will leave right now and check into a detox, You have the key to my apartment, ill check into fountain ridge recover right now and you can throw anything you want in the dumpster. She said, pick me up and ill go with you, 7 grand up front, 5 days of hell and I can use the phone now, no one answers, 6, 7, 8, 9 days nothing, did my detox, and I left went home, my truck was parked there, and the ***** was still in my closet, didnt here from her, a few weeks later she started to call me, I didnt answer and she left me messages saying she was thinking about me, blah blah, final one night I was drinking a lot (and i'd been using at a record high) I pick up the phone and we talked for an hour, things were going kinda good and she just blurred out, "can you get Lortabs" I didnt think i heard her right the first time and I was like what? She said "I didnt think you would give them to me anyway"
Was that some crap or what? I hung up on her and never answered a call since. Well, I know somewhere, someplace right now she probably got sucked into that same hole I did... best of luck to her.....

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