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Re: Banker...
Jun 1, 2004
Hi Banker. I know you know my story with the sub and I think it is bad news. I agree with Spark that they will probly take it off the market because all it does is put off what we all have to finlly do and that is get off opiates completly. I talk to some people on the pain board and many think the sub docs just want to keep people on the sub as long as posible to make mony. I beleive that is what my sub doc was doing. Any way, I couldn't taper off the sub so I went back on hydro thinking I could taper off them. When I came off the sub I was taking 6 to 8 mg a day and after I made the full switch back to hydro I was at only 20 a day and I was at 50. Well it only took a few weeks and I was right back at 50 and that told me my only chance was to do a detox. I did and I am about six weeks clean of evry thing now. I don't have cravings at all and I am so hapy. It feels like I never did hydros but I also know that one pill is to much and a thousand probly will never be enough. I think going to both AA and NA help me a lot. I am sending you all the positive enrgy I can and I will pray for you. I hope you know I am rooting for you, right? Whatever it takes to get opiate free, it is so worth it!

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