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[QUOTE=Banker]Cade, I definitely need more info on your history. How long were you on it? If you were only on it for a week or two during a detox stay, then your wds would have been extremely minimal... but if you are like me and were on it for over a month or in my case, 6 months..... what do you recommend as far as tapering? And I had to laugh at the frisbee... cracked me up. And good reflexes are obviously something you don't lose while withdrawing.... lol[/QUOTE]

:) , you know what, just for you! I checked my medical records, I was on it for a little more than 4 weeks, The best time machines in the world are opiates. The last 2 years seemed like weeks to me :)

- I was heroin from 96-98 off and on and got pretty bad in 98. I went on methadone and stayed clean for 4 years, late 98 to 2002 do to my daughter being born in October 98, so It was a must, I was 19 years old. I discontinued methadone totaly after a 2 year taper and was totally off by Nov 02 and relapsed in a matter of weeks after me and my fiance separated. I did 4 supervised detoxes for Dilaudid & OxyContin, March 2003, May 2003, Auguest 2003. My relapses were an issue and I did not want to go back on methadone because I wanted no part of the clinic system anymore. The suboxone cost me $700 a month but that's change compaired to 5-7 grand a month on dope. In November 2004 I was detoxing from Fentanyl (injection) and most recovery centers are not aware of that drug because it's very hard to obtain unless you know a doctor, so my family noticed my condition and checked me into another supervised detox I and stayed for 3 days and left AMA, all though I did not use, I was in VERY bad shape. I was just in too much pain so I started the suboxone program out of desperation. My doctor said im no doubt methadone material but my doctor wanted to start me on a very high does of Buprenorphine instead, 24mg, most people do around 8-12. I stayed on for a little more than 4 weeks when my doctor found out that I was taking Klonopin for Benzo withdrawal. He wanted me to abruply stop the Klonopin and start high doses of Tegretol and I said I couldn't do that so he cut me off, I could not get into another methadone clinic for 3 weeks and I asked if I could just take subutex because the of interation with the suboxone and the benzo was with the Naloxone. He couldnt figure that out because he's a moron so I was left with no medication. At that time after 2 days I was cramping up a little, pressure in the back of head and back pain, the runs, you know how it goes, by day 3 all hell broke loose, I woke out of a sound sleep and couldnt not stop vomiting, I was pure white and my eyes were firing red. I though I had an absess but found no lumps, when I went to the ER my skin and blood was clean. These acute symptoms laster for a week or so but I had very bad tremor, I was hallucinating and was being quite vilont. It had to have been 2 months and no change, I was actually getting stoked that I had the option to put a bullet in the back of my head, I was such a wreck. I went out and spent about $1,600 on OxyContin after I found that my grandmother had died and i needed to attend her wake, I just chewed about 2 80's a day (not that bad for me) And felt quite normal again, this time I did it right, did a clean detox and stuck with it, that was last Feb.? And now things are back to normal again. Im not 100% but im up, moving and functioning. Im taking Xanax-XR 4mg and 20mg Valium a day with remeron and im doing well.

The chick who threw the plate at me was doing an in-patient detox while I was at a treatment center on visit. I know a lot of doctors and LCN's, plus im very knowledgeable in pharmacology from study so I try to help out when I can at recovery centers. They want me to do groups as a CADC. dispite my sub-abuse, i do come from a long generation of medical professionals but right now my relationship with my daughter is my main concern and I set up a few addiction boards on the net so I think im doing my part for now, plus I pop up on here from time to time to help people with there medical questions. I now I seem a bit subtle and as a CADC i'd have tell fairlytales how everything is going to be fine when everything is really 40/60 not in our favor when it comes to addiction. I dont mean to rain on anyones parade but I have the privilege to attend the same seminars as any physician does and I know the scoop so I do the best i can to help out....


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