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Do you find that in addition to the other symptoms we've mentioned, that you are stiff and have joint pain in the a.m.s I wake up swollen (just like Cade was saying in another thread) and my doc gave me a diaretic... just told me not to use it too frequently, maybe once a week or once every two weeks.

Chef - Yes, I want off because of the side effects... However, I'm going to start a VERY slow taper and see what happens. It won't kill me and if I find that I cannot stay sober, then I'll get back on it. I've got to control this eating issue first because it's going to cause real health problems if I don't stop binge eating. Seriously, we are looking at diabetes, heart issues, etc. because I'm a smoker also. Now, I'm not 'over the top' fat but my body image has just done down hill. Ayway, trust me on this... if I didn't think I could handle being without it, I would not even attempt it right now. But my taper is going to be REALLY slow becuase I don't like withdrawals and I don't want to feel any during this. I'll just decrease slowly and we'll see what happens. I know I can do it. But honestly, it sure is easy w/the Sub not even thinking about pain pills or having any cravings whatsoever. It's hard to even imagine how bad I was. I was like a different person. Anyway, I'm tired as heck tonight.... Stayed up LATE last night. Take care everyone and Chef, good to hear from you.

Spark ---- I'm concerned about you. How is your sobriety? Are you attending meetings? What about your girlfriend? Is she still sober and how is she doing it, if she is? Are you taking anything? What's going on, Spark... fill us in.

Michelle - where are you girlfriend.... you are an ex sub user... fill us in.

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