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Hey, I remember you heather :) We talked a while back, Yes I still play and write but I do everything solo these days, the influence was not good for me at all at these venues in vegas, I think I was "LaynesAddiction" at the time we talked so I guess you know where most of my musical influences come from. :) Although im not a big staley fan ( I did make that trip to seattle and took some pictures in front of laynes condo and kurts house/bench) If there is a way I can send them to you w/o being banned i'd be glad to :) I'd say my atmosphere is a mix between Jerry cantrell/Neil Young. An acoustic taste of 90's grunge and classic rock. I play a Gibson GS and an Chet Atkins Acoustic. What about you? genre, instrument?

Anyway, I wasnt on suboxone for that long, about 4 weeks, I was on methadone for a few years though and either way those morning w/d's are a B****. There isn't much you can do about that other than set your alarm to go off a little earlier in the morning. (that's what I did) I do a lot of contributions with MMT and suboxone patients and I cant tell you anyone who has gotten off of suboxone by taper method yet, the drug is so new and most of the people Ive seen have just done SUBUTEX (like buprenex but oral) inpatient and they only leave them on it for 2 weeks under doctor and LCN supervision. They stay one Clonidine, phenobarbital or depakot/neurontin during the remainder of their stay so that contributes a lot to minimize w/d. Sad to say the others leave AMA and go back to the horse as I did many times. My experience with suboxone was much worse because I stopped abruptly at 24mg. A very high dose but I was also 200mg+ on methadone so that was the reason.

The best thing I can tell you is to take it REAL REAL slow, it took me 2 years to taper of off methadone so I was on it for 2 years steady and 2 years taper, total 4 and a half years, it did keep me out of that cycle though. (Dilaudid was also my main opiate also until I got ahold of fentanyl citrate) I'll tell you that Heroin was a cakewalk campaired to what they have behind those counters at CVS. With your son being a muse also the one good thing is that you'd always be one step ahead of him no matter who tries to put any C*** in his hand. Let me know how you're doing and it's good to hear from you again!! :)


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