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Twist of fate...
Jun 5, 2004
hi-i was reading the other thread-and i just wanted to say hello-and hope we could get a line of communication going-its funny-cos on one of the threads a while back-you were talking about music/playing guitar-and everytime ive read one of your posts-i was really impressed w/ your background in medicine/i knew you were really intelligent and had alot of info-
Im a songwriter/musician-many years..until i got heavily addicted to heroin in 1996-thru 2001-actually started using dope on tour/92-93..and it progressed over 4-5 years to a daily habit..ruined the band/did write music-that some key artists recorded-but blew the cash on dope-and dropped out.
Did get clean for a couple years-put the band back together-started taking dilaudid-sparked off another relapse-for a year and ended up on the sub..
I had buphenex in a detox-and had seen a program on the suboxone-(1998).There were trials/going on-but as you know it wasn't available till'03..
Anyway-i jumped on-and have been doing this for several months-im on 4 mgs.
The Dr. wants to start me on a taper-slow w/d from the sub-and have me off w/in 6 months-this med gave me a chance to get off the train for a while-and did give me the perspective/w/o the heavy depression-that when i tried to kick/or stay clean would weigh me down-
My question to you is-at 4 mgs..for several months my body/brain-seems well adjusted to this dose-i do feel a little dope sick-in the morning when i take it-shuffleing to the drawer for my meds-very stiff/watery eyes/and when i take it-the moment it starts to melt-and i get that first taste-its almost-like my wake-up shot-i kinda gag(w/ relief)..obviously-im addicted to this med-w/o abusing it-but dependent..intensely.
Im interested what you would suggest as a taper plan-my dr. hasn't discussed this w/ be honest-hes kind of a "goofball'-nice enough-but as an addictionologist-he should stick to the geriatric side of his expertise.
He has said to me many times-i just don't get it-addiction????Hello...ok-an addiction dr. that doesn't "get" addiction.Whatever...
No empathy.
Im very interested in what you know about the sub-tapering/side effects-etc..
Any information would be greatly appreciated..
Have you been playing your guitar lately?Sing?Write?Fave groups/artists?
Just interested...
Thanks for listening and hope you have a good weekend-gonna see my son play tonite-carrying on the tradition of the "rock"!!!
EEK!!! :)

Ok, Heather, you can tell your son that you actually talk to a heroin addict musician that also loves Leonard Cohen and drinks mentha pulegium, better known as PENNYROYAL TEA! :) Bless my poor pancreas I cant get mad at people for getting a kick out of that. I find it quite funny my-self, but anyway influence is a very big issue in music. May I ask how old your son is? Death is so apparent now after 9 long years, All you can do is hide from it, the venues, I refuse to go back into the clinic system for that reason, and that's why im lagging on doing groups and being a cadc. But let's take my mind of off that and get back to the subject :)

Some people have chronic relapse issues, A lot are in pain period. I dont swear by suboxone becaue it is a [I]new drug[/I], [B]Reckitt-Benckiser [/B] keeps a lot from the public and they make "glass cleaner", and THAT even leaves streaks on my window! :) My opinion, you either stay on suboxone or you dont go on it at all. If you stay on it, then "[B]your fate is other peoples future"[/B]. They are learning by us right now. You can say, they are in [I]BETA[/I] mode. :) I dont believe in suboxone tapers, if you cant go through 7 days of hell why would go through months or years??? Just like methadone, I was back and forth on it, it was doing me no good tapering and toying with it, it's obvious that there is something missing in my head from years of use, DA, MU-Receptros, I stayed on methadone though and figured for life, and I raised my daughter and no more legal problems, the only problem was that I was retaining to much fluid and i'd go to the bathroom every 5 days. As soon as I stopped I started using again but this time I was drinking, (I never drank) I was chain smoking (never touched a cigarette) I started using IV, huffing, anything to sedate me, admittingly this was 75% over a female and now only 25% that I was, am, and will always be in physical pain. (Neuropathy, FMS, Pancreatitis) The last straw was when I feel asleep at the wheel and luckly hit the curb instead of a child, So that's when I went on suboxone and you already know that story.

I believe in maintenance [B]AS A LAST RESORT[/B], but try a supervised detox first, support groups, if you're a first timer why take the chance and get stuck on another drug? People who have prostituted them selves, stole from their families, their own children, robbed, been in and out of jail for years, these people are sick, Not "bad" people, I just believe in other approaches FIRST but when it get's to that point you need to be confined or stable (Methadone, Buprenorphine).

OK!, [B]Provigil[/B], it's for narcolepsy, the FDA only approved it for that one thing, they didnt approve it for day time sleepiness but doctors are using it for that, It's not an amphetamine but it's a CII drug which means it's very controlled like Ritalin and OxyContin are, it doesnt stimulate dopamine, but it mixes well with other drugs and take 5 and your lit. Plus it's HCI bases so I think it's injectable, that's why it's CII, other then that I dont know anyone taking it and it's very new, let me know how it's working for you....

[B]Neurontin[/B], Antiepileptic, they also use it for neuropathy, MORE for neuropathy actually. They have no clue how it works for pain, they just found that it does, it's a very old drug also. If it makes you tired, it's also a GABA drug, like say klonopin. Dont stop abruptly, and if you're at very high doses, (I was at almost 3g's during my last detox, not 3mg, 3grams. You might "hear things", it has a habbit of heightened sensitivity. If you ever notice this it's normal and you're not crazy so dont panic. :)

Sammi - get them on the ice! :) I was a hockey player as a kid, even in High School when I lived in NJ, to bad when I moved to the Silver State there was no ice and drugs, hookers and gambling. :) As far as wellbutrin, there are many different types, let me know your indications and i'll try to help you out... Mainly it works Serotonin and Norepinephrine, Unlike Paxil, Prozac, you'll get the "Effexor" feeling, Big boost of energy (not good if you have anxiety) big loss off labido (not good if you're a guy) :)

Sorry If i missed a few of you, im doing 90 things at once today.... but dont be shy to ask, If i dont know I can just call up Dr. Mom PHD in a heart beat :)


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