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... mg. When I feel a little anxious I bumped back up to 30 mg for a few days and then back down. Have spent a few nights with kicking muscles and spasms, but a small dose of 10 mg Meth got me through the night. ... (0 replies)
Day 2 of Detox
Aug 16, 2008
... a 0.5 mg Xanax that my friend said would help ease the withdrawals. ... (9 replies)
18 months clean!
Oct 22, 2010
... I am 21 days off of percocet and tapering off of valium which will take about 7 more months, cutting my dose by 2.5 mg a month. It is very hard with the valium because it feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest. I hold my breath alot. ... (10 replies)

... This is my 9th day clean. During the first 6 days I used 30 .25 mg Xanax for anxiety and 10 10mg. Ambien for sleep. ... (4 replies)
... Desperate for sleep I took a small dose of Xanax. .50 mg that night. The RLS drove me to the bath where I ran the hot water as I sat still hoping the trembling would subside. ... (3 replies)
Jan 31, 2004
... for the last 6 years. I have a 19 mo old so when I went for my first OB visit, and told my doctor that I was taking 1 mg of klonopin each day... he just said to take a .5 every other day for two weeks and then stop. I followed his advice and had no symptoms at all. ... (11 replies)
... ornings been progressing I felt a little panicky,and remembered that according to the withdrawal clock,I should still be withdrawing from the HYDRO.I just took 1 mg of xanax,and I feel fine again.I was just a little bummed...I felt so good upon awakening I thought I'd just waltz back into the real world.... ... (3 replies)
... Mise, well, I stilll like the English, but hey, my daughter and I are also big fans of the Irish; Colin Farrell is a fav in our house and we can't help ourselves that we love such parodies as "Top o' the Mornin'" they do on Saturday Night live. My daughter likes the music too, a friend of hers has a dad who's in an Irish band she enjoyed. And of course, we love those... (128 replies)
... hi mise i enjoy reading all your posts i 'm not that familiar in the benzo area but you 3 have certainly enlightened me i just feel so bad for howard he has helped me considerably and i feel like there is nothing i can do for him you and jennita are definitly the ones to convince him not to give up i'll never forget his first post to me methadone to klonopin thats like jumping... (128 replies)
... I think it was actually 15 mg that he had managed to get down to from a starting point of 30. ... (128 replies)
Back from ER
Nov 21, 2006
... Thank you for the encouraging words. I just spoke with my doc about this right after my last post. I have been taking 10 mg of Lexapro for 18 days and he recommended I double up on it. He also directed me to take . ... (7 replies)
I slept!!!!
Feb 26, 2004
... Don't get excited it was drug induced. But it was for about 18 hours on and off and I am scwred on just a little better now and I finally got some people to wake up and pay attention. ... (1 replies)
... Hi All. Here's some background and then my question. I'm an alcoholic in recovery for over a year and a half. I was very blessed to realize I had a problem soon after it started and go into rehab. I was also being prescribed 4 mgs of xanax a day at the time (I never abused benzos, I am now on 2 mgs a day of klonopin which I do not abuse I often take less than prescribed, 1... (0 replies)
... I tell you I got started on this stuff at 18 because I started to see double, which was always a trigger "Shut your eyes" and like a light switch i'm out. ... (7 replies)
... Hi all, I am in no way new to this or this board, just haven't been around in like years..... Heres my story, i will try to make it as brief as possible and ALL feedback is welcome.... I am a 39 yr old stay at home mom of 4....ages 19, 18, 16, and 6 I have been on opiates/pillz for the last 6 years. This past year my use SOARED to needing 20+ pillz a day, with some... (7 replies)

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