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Well, three years after my auto accident, I am still taking Vicoden or Lortab from morning to night. Back pain is 3 on scale of 10 and pleasure response is 8 of 10. I've grown tired of dealing with the side effects such as mood swings, forgetfullness and the host of crap that goes with it. Three months ago I talked to my MD about getting off them, and he gave me Ultram to transition to. I've been doing an average job of backing down, but can't get below #6 7.5 or 10 mg a day.

I'm ready to start enjoying life like everyone else, getting back my sense of humor and being able to date a gal again. Knowing there is a plethora of experience on this board, I'm hoping for some secrets or tips for kicking this habit. I've quit smoking weed and cigs over the years, so I know I have some amount of self-control. Got 6 7.5's left and don't want to pick up my refill. Any chance I can do that w/o coming out of my skin and freaking out? Thanks in advance for any/all input you can offer. JL

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