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[QUOTE=John 3:16]Keith,

PLEASE, PLEASE stay strong! I throw up, too when in withdrawals so I know vomitting or feeling like your going to is terrible. Do you have any "Phenegran" you could take for that? It helps!

Is there any way you can go home from work early? When you do go home- hit a hot tub of epsom salt and take your meds if you feel like your going to have to have them! And, in my opinion, I wouldn't try to "white knuckle" it- use your meds for some relief!

Gosh, I can literally say I know how you feel, because I felt the exact way you do only two or three short days ago and I SWEAR, it gets better! Just try to keep your eye on the prize- okay?

Drink plenty of water or gatorade and fill your body with folic acid, a b12 or bcomplex vitamin, a multi-vitamin and L-Tyrosine (helps with energy)! Get out the Good Book too, my friend! :) (You'll get how that will help!)

Keith, I am thinking of you and will say a prayer!

Thanks Michelle, I think that I am going to go to confession next Saturday to tell my priest that I have been lying and abusing vicodin for over a year now. Its time to come clean and not keep up this facade that everything is peachy keen. I have a Bible group I attend and I have told one of the men in it that I need to be held accountable and that I have abused vicodin. I do plan on going to an AA meeting at the Church I attend on Friday night.

Michelle this is the worse one yet, my stomach hurts so bad. The only relief that I can think of is a long hot shower. The only good thing about is that my libido is certainly in overdrive right now. My poor wife can't do anything because I want to have sex every half hour, prior to that my sex drive was nill. Anyway don't want to get to personal. Just letting you know that I feel really crummy but I am going to hang in there. I am not going to put that poision in my system again. How are you doing? I hope you are having a better day.


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