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Hi Michelle:

I haven't responded to any of your posts yet, but I have been following your attempt to quit the Lortabs. I can relate to you SO much....I too was addicted to Lortabs (and Percocet) for many years. I tried many, many times to quit on my own, but never could do it. I applaud you for getting as far as you have. Some may think it's a little step, I think it's a huge step. But I think today will be the biggest challenge for you. As soon as I read that you could have access to Lortabs today (and I commend you on your honesty) I just shook my head and thought...."Oh no"....for this is where I would always fail. I seemed to do okay (for lack of a better term) as long as I knew I couldn't get my hands on any pills, but as soon as I knew I could, my willpower or whatever you choose to call it, would crumble. I really don't like to sound "preachy" because I never felt particularly safe and open with a "know-it-all". If you would allow me to share one thing with is that I look at your story, especially the part about your 3 beautiful children, and I would do anything to go back to that time in my own life. Like I said, I never could quit on my own, and I did in fact have to hit rock bottom before I would finally be done with the pills. I won't go into the long story now, but I just wanted a chance to tell you how fortunate you are right now, and I'm sure you would probably choose some other adjectives right now. I have 2 beautiful children and a husband who stuck by me, despite the hell I've put him through. Please, please, as hard as it is going to be, just forget about those stupid pills today. I never had any self respect when I was using, I always felt like crud. I can guarantee you that you will feel SO GOOD about yourself today if you DON'T get those pills. Look at your kids.....and think about them today....and when you tuck them in tonight, you will have a smile on your face (even of you physically feel awful) because you will have given them the gift and blessing of a mom who is clean, and who is doing everything she can to make their life better. Be difficult as it will be. Do everything you need to do to stay away from those pills, you can do it. I will think of you today, all day, and hope and pray that at the end of the day I can get on this site and read that you've made it another day. I will do anything I can to help you............ Take Care, Jen

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