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Does this doc prescribe Suboxone or Bupenorphine? I mean, Bup is the main ingredient... but I was just wondering. Because a doc to prescribe Sub has to be lisenced. Anyway, yes... panick attacks, but you need to have heart tests, etc. to rule out a true heart problem. Do you have a primary doctor that you can tell all of this to?
I take Sub and it has helped me tremendously - have no desire for pain pills. However, if taken for longer than around 2 weeks - you will become dependent on it and will have to go through withdrawals... which I understand aren't as severe but last a LOT longer than hydro withdrawal. However, I know everyone is different as well.
Oh, and a reason not to use ---- my mother overdosed and killed herself on lortabs... accidentally. You just never know how many is going to be too many for your system to take. Also, the overdosing process happens over time and you don't even realize what's going on with your liver. It's BAD! I know you want to live - and I know you want to live clean! You can do whatever you want and whatever you put your mind to it. Meetings are an outstanding way to get support and help that you need. And they are FREE! I would try this before you went to get on Bup --- in addition, any doc can prescribe clonodine which you take for a week or two and it really helps w/withdrawals. It's non addicting... something for you to think about...???

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