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You know I cannot put up site names in here - but if you go looking you will find that Upjohn have made enormous profits from xanax - I believe it is bringing in even more money for its makers than the original billions from valium.
Look at its own information financial pages. Stock exchange valuations.
As also with benzos and anaesthesia. But it is well documented in medical journals. You only have to look - it is all there.

The so called third world - I wont discuss - huge subject and not relevant here - but were wealthy western countries to allow for generics to be used in Africa - then millions of AIDS sufferers would be helped - but the pharmas and the governments insist first on their profits - profits always before lives.

Candy? For sure - and no-where more obvious than in your country. Just look in here at the cocktails of drugs which people are on - and think it is quite normal. An acceptable way to live? Why should someone who seeks to come off an addictive drug be given a further (often even more addictive) drug or mixture of drugs? It is never ending. It seems to be a matter of - "take these to get you off this drug to which you are addicted and then we will tackle the new addiction later." Put you on a benzo to get you off an opiate? And even give you an amphetamine to help along the way? Why - there are drugs for each and every problem in life. You even have a pill for obesity. You just have to question the values of a society such as this.

I am not bashing any country when I state this - this is surely a problem throughout the so called civilised western world?

I have watched so many people in here - trying so hard - and truly wanting to be off drugs - being obstructed by batteries of medics and quasi medics who will prescribe a new drug to fix the old drug. Trading addictions. I think that has to be totally unacceptable. But time and time again you see people willing to believe this is the way to go forward. They are kidding themselves. And I think you have to question the motives of the men writing the scripts.

Perhaps we were lucky in our own struggles with benzo dependency - for there is no quick fix drug for that! So - we had to taper and deal with the withdrawal. Can this not be applied to these other addiction problems seen in here? If not - then why not? I cannot for the life of me see why not.

Howard - Nope - I dont seek to alienate you or anyone and so I quote you your own countrymen below:

[I]“Drug company research and development often serves marketing strategies more than sound science or patients’ safety.”
JS Cohen MD

“More than half of the experts on FDA advisory committees have financial relationships with pharmaceutical companies, that will be helped or hurt by their decisions.”USA Today

“An industry so important to public health and so heavily subsidized and protected by government has social responsibilities that should not be totally overshadowed by its drive for profits.”
Dr M. Angell New England Journal of Medicine.

“When doctors irrationally deny or dismiss (patients) honest complaints, the message is clear : Doctors first allegiance is not to their patients but to the medications they prescribe.”Dr JS Cohen.

“ Increasing numbers of people have been turned into drug addicts through legal prescriptions which perhaps suits the politicians and multi-national bureaucrats as well as the drug companies for it ensures an uncomplaining and docile community which is easy to administer, manage and manipulate...tranquillisers are more addictive than heroin."

Dr Vernon Coleman[/I]
I have no idea why you are so angry?
The allegations you make are all in your own head.
I dont know - something to do with what is happening on your own political front. I am in New York soon - perhaps I will understand better.
I have not written to you about any of the things about which you are railing off. Any of the inventions I at any time put up are historical facts - nothing more, nothing less. Was supposed to be a bit of fun. Can all be verified. We are a very very long ancient civilisation - whose citizens were your forefathers.
The quotations I post come from your own very emminent doctors in the USA, and yet you are angry against them too?
And if you dont understand the African problem then I will not even attempt a start. But believe me profits are killing people directly(and in their thousands, daily).
Indeed your anger has blown Jennita (quite unfairly) away. Her support had been compassionate and unwaivering. She gives such sound sensible advice too and isnt afraid to tell the truth. This particular board has lost a great, compassionate, powerful and truthful, survivor of benzos. And this cannot be helpful for those souls who desperately need the help of someone like her. Not many people willing to do that in here. Too many platitudes and enablers. Don't you know a friend when you see one? A real friend. Plenty will massage your ego - but she and a few others will actually tell the truth.
I will simply put your anger down to benzo withdrawal.
But - have to put you right about a certain site - altho situated in UK the customers are 10:1 American to British. Why is there no similar US site? Maybe those American pharmas of which you speak should set one up? Surely badly needed? And the problems being caused are being caused by products from those very companies.
I hope your taper is going well - your BP is staying reasonably level and you progress forward. It will be a great achievement when you finally finnish - and I have no doubts that you will - you have the right temperament to so do! LOL Turn anger to your own uses - and channel it - will help drive you ever foward.
I still think you are fortunate in that you have found the truth and are acting on it. (Even if Prof Ashton is English!) No substitutes for benzos just gruelling taper.
Many opiate sufferers are not so lucky. Just take note of all the various sweetie bags they are offered as a "cure". Would be funny were it not so very tragic. And as a result of this - I think you see person after person continuing to suffer on this board - year after year. When will the penny ever drop? The only way to quit an addiction is to stop (either c/t or taper) - NOT to trade addictions. And more is needed. You, as a person, have to change - or for sure - you will be back under the spell of drugs (opiates) again. (might take time - but if you dont change - it will happen. Just read NA/AA or any other 12 step literature) What was it that turned you to seek the oblivion which opiates gave you so readily? You have to start facing all these problems and dealing with them - not forever hiding behind the pills. I really doubt that benzo sufferers would ever go down that particular path again. Just dont know.
Good luck, Howard
I mean this sincerely as a fellow sufferer.
I take no offence at your anger. Nothing written in here should be personal. Tis counterproductive.

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