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Re: Michelle
Jun 17, 2004
[QUOTE=Banker]Howard - God bless you, I can't even read past the first few sentences. You absolutely have no idea why I'm prescribed benzos. You have no idea if I've been diagnosed with CLINICAL depression. You have no idea about my medical, phycological or physical history and/or current state. DO NOT talk to me about caring for my children and dating. I am on medications right now so I can care for my children. You came to the wrong place to preach about prescription pills and why they are presribed. YOu see, I AM one of those people that need this medication to function in society. The ONLY reason I came off of a benzo when I did was because I was pregnant. I've been on some kind of a benzo for almost 6 years and am doing quite well, thanks for your concern. But - I am one of the people that need it. In addition, I almost lost my job two months ago because my depression was so severe, all I could do is cry - ALL DAY LONG. So... please, I know you want to get the message out - but you are talking to the wrong person. Yinsky and I have already had this discussion and I'm not going to 'prove' to anyone else why I need the medication I'm taking. I'm not abusing any of the meds and I know the risks associated with each. So... maybe you should find someone else inform.

I know you are going through the very withdrawals that you speak of, and I admire you for warning people about them. But you absolutely cannot say that no person should take a benzo or an AD... Please, don't be ignorant yourself.[/QUOTE]


I am in the right place, the topic is addiction and recovery, where I, quite appropriately I think, discourage the use of addictive drugs while affirming non-drug related solutions. This, as it is often the addictive prescription drugs that are causing one`s problems rather than solving them. You are not the only person that may read these posts, lurkers abound, and the discussion is open, not private. Part of posting involves the possibility that our affirmations may solicit responses, open responses that are not necessarily directed to you. In fact, in the case of the post you speak of, you were not addressed directly, though the source of the quote was acknowledged.

And as you said, you did not read my post. I do actually believe in the limited use of benzodiazepines in hospital settings, for usage pre-surgery, briefly during alcohol detox, and to quell the life threatening results of stimulant overdoses. I also personally think that depression is largely a spiritual, psychological, and/or drug induced problem as no evidence of chemical imbalances in the brain exists. The makers of Zoloft readily acknowledge this when they say "it (depression) [I]may[/I] be caused by..." I must ask, rhetorically, if you are allowed to encourage the use of addictive drugs in this topic area, why should I not be allowed to express my views? Now that I have done so, thoroughly enough, I will leave this particular thread to you and Michelle, while remaining in the topic area, "addiction and recovery" which very much interests me. Good luck. :)

P.S. To whom it may concern, abuse is far from a prerequistie for benzodiazepine addiction. In fact the opposite usually holds true.

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