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Ultram Withdrawal
Jun 25, 2004
Hi, I have nerve damage in my upper abdomen from
having gallbladder surgery (gallbladder removed)
almost 2 years ago (this coming November will be 2 yrs.)
well I have been in chronic pain since that surgery, and for
the past year I have been taking ultram (prescribed by my doctor)
well I want to get off of ultram because ultram makes me sick
the only reason why I took it for this long was because it helped
with my pain. Well now when I try to stop taking it I go thru
horrible withdrawals (when my doctor prescribed it to me over a year
ago she said that It wasn't addicting and that I wouldn't go thru
withddrawals, YEAH RIGHT!!)
I just saw a (phycatrist) spelling?? and she prescribed me Amitriptyline
for my nerve pain and she said that it would help with my depression
and help me sleep at night and it would help with the withdrawals
once I am on it for awhile, so she said to taper down from the ultram
in a few weeks once the Amitriptyline kicks in.
Does anyone think that this will help with the withdrawals??
I use to take 3 to 4 pills of ultram a day but now I only take 1 pill a day,
I cut it in half and take a half of it in the morning and then the other
half at night. Well I still get sick even tho that I lowered the dosage
and I am still going thru withdrawals, and it's been about a month since
I tapered down.
I just want to stop being on pain med's and try something else for my
nerve pain so that's why the phycatrist prescribed me the Amitriptyline.
Any thoughts on this?? Kim

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