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Hi trish-
im heather-you'll be getting loads of help here-if you want it-and it sounds like you are ready to get you came to the right place.
I come here everyday-its part of my daily ritual-wakeup/coffee/ciggs/and suboxone-probably the most healthy thing i my exercise.HA!
Anyway-there are vicodin/hydro experts here-so ill leave it to them-i was addicted to H-but basically its all the same-its opiates-and anyone who takes them for an extended period of time -WILL get addicted.
But many here-have great taper plans-to wean off-there are also other options-but it appears from your post-you are ready to go..
How many pills do you take a day?Did you start using them recreationally-and then discover you had back problems?
You can expect to feel-pretty yucky-when coming off this-thats why people wean themselves down to a low dose and try to come off-its somewhat easier than jumping off on a high dosage.
So-give a run down of how much/how long/and there will be others here that will give you a plan-otherwise-you got cold turky or you could check into a 5-7 day inpatient detox-if you got time/insurance-even no insurance-you can call your local hospital-and they can give you info.
There are also other options such as methadone/suboxone-if you have pain take you off the pills-and replace it w/ once a day-maitainance opiates.
So-run down more info-and Good luck-you can do this..

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