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:) Good morning Dallas! I was having the same thoughts that you are right now. When I went to my 'sub' doctor, I had not even heard of suboxone, but I knew this doc would prescribe methadone for chronic addics for pain... so I went in, told him I was addicted and lied and said I had severe headaches and needed something for pain.

Unfortunately (fortunately, for me), he absolutely would NOT give me methadone... but tried to sell me on Suboxone. But when he told me 'no high'... It just makes you feel normal, I was quite upset. This is why it took me another month before starting Sub. I was in early wds and was JUST about to get another 50 lortabs, (already placed my call) and a friend of mine was there and she opened the sub bottle, broke off a little piece (she knew how I was supposed to start taking it because she actually went in to see him one time with me) so It took someone standing over me and almost forcing me to take it. What was so hard is I knew once that drug was in me, all of the highs were gone.

But Dallas, it didn't matter once it was in me... Once I got to the dose I needed to be at (8 mgs for about 8 weeks and then increased to 12 mgs) I've done absolutely fine and not wanted for a pain pill hardly at all. Especially now, like I've said... it's like that addict no longer exists. I've thought about how and when I'll get off of it. But believe it or not, I have read success stories of people getting off of it with slight discomfort for about two weeks and then back to full recovery after a month. But I've also heard horror stories about it.

There are occasions when I get so sick of the side effects, I want to get off of it immediately. But, within two or three days, I change my mind until the next time my side effects become extremely bothersome. It's like now I know what meds and foods to eat to help with them. Who knows if I'll be on it forever. I hope not as I would really like to get back to my skinny self but my 'average' self isn't too bad either.

I had severe depression when I 'got sober'... even though I was still taking an opiate, I had/have no high, therefore seeing the world for what it was and actually tackling every day life without the high was tough for the first few weeks... then my antidepressant kicked in.. but Im sure you know that several months ago I went through a break up and it threw me into the worst depression I've ever had... When I look back now, I'm sure that the depression was there all along, it's just that I was barely hanging on. But since I got on Welbutrin, all of that changed.

Do you abuse the benzos too or just pain pills? Anyway, I've got to get ready for work. REALLY trying to get to work on time. I've got to tons to do. Also, just FYI for anyone that is reading, looks like my 'dream guy' did not work out. Oh well... I swear, just doesn' seem like it's in the cards for me to have a happy, loving relationship with a man. Let me rephrase... a NORMAL man.

Oh, and as far as the money goes, you will probalby pay less than what you are paying now for all of your drugs. However, you will not be killing yourself in the meantime. Also, I've heard and seen people who do not react well to methadone. Anyway, I do hope you think about it... you will not be killing yourself. And would it hurt to just try it for short time, just to see what you think? And yes, Bup is the same as Suboxone... Think about it!!!! Your kids want their mother back. I didn't realize how much i had detached from my children until I was on sub... Gotta go but take care of yourself...

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