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[QUOTE=Sarandipity]WOW! Nothing just happens without a reason, that's my belief!

Ok, I bet you didn't know it's 20 question day!

Do your co workers know you went to rehab?

My point is that EVERY job has people who are fighting/ or going through the same things we are. There's no job that is going to have a completely drug free environment. (You might now know it but a Minister, a drug counselor, a Rx rep, just might be fighting an addiction to SOMETHING.)

Everyone is going to sin, It doesn't matter if your the President, or cleaning the bathrooms. I just have to learn to deal with the people I know have a drug problem. I wouldn't give someone advice unless they ask for it.

All you can do if you do go back to work and they do know you went to rehab is be a safety net- so to speak. If anyone has ever pushed me into quitting something I was not ready to quit- it just back fired on me, and I ended up starting again, ei. smoking.

You CAN remove the people in your life that are bad influences. Just don't return calls, be polite and say " can I talk to you another time. " Or just be strait forward with them - they will respect you when they are the ones headed off to rehab. Right now especially you need positive people around you, not people who are pushing the underlying "misery loves company" line.

I hope this helps.

Im going to chruch at 5:30 tonight. Praying around folks who want to be in God's house helps me to recover tremendously. When I pray at home it makes me feel good but praying in the midst of Christians makes me whole again.

I have a huge whole in my heart from my divorce. Being with God fills me up so I can face the week in front of me with a positive outlook and it means the world to my kids to see their Mommy happy.

Lots of luv,[/QUOTE]

Hi sarandipity.
No,None of my co-workers knows.I may never go back there.Only one friend and my wife know.
The guy I scored Morphine from has fallen off the planet,and the hydro was prescribed,purchased from numerous internet sources,and given to me by others who thought I was using it recreationally.No one ever pushed me.I dove in head first.I could get some whenever I needed,though I often would panic and stock up ahead of the "sick"....I could always borrow from some one else.

I have a strong suspicion that one of my best friends is addicted,but I won't bug him.I'll just let him know I've stopped,and answer any questions.He had two terrible accidents,one resulting in a dismemberment,the other less dramatic,but equally debilitating.....but they happened YEARS ago.He tells me he only takes 3 a day for pain management,but his wife has told mine that he consumes many more than that.

This is the same friend who has helped me through a terrible cocaine addiction in the early 80's....the only one who was always there for me....always took me in....would sit with me as I went through convulsions and seizures,over and over,and over........gave me a couch and a bible.I would never be so proud as to avoid him.

I know that is not what you meant,but I thought I'd relay that quick story.
I think when you are right with god,that you are free to walk anywhere.After I had my "burning bush" with cocaine addiction,I was around it many times with no desire to do any.

I was introduced to Hydro after back surgery,but as I said before,was NOT in pain.I just sort of thought that I could play with fire and ....oooops.

Keep the faith


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