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Hi Bigepop,

I saw your post on the Clonidine patch thread that Seabee57 started. I went to page two of the threads and found this post from you, so by replying to it, it "bumps" it back to page one. It is kind of confusing when you are learning how to navigate this board! Whenever anyone starts a new thread (which is different than posting a reply on a thread), it pushes all the "older" threads down a notch. Each page on this board can only hold so many "threads," and eventually yours was pushed to page two as more new threads started. I hope this helps and isn't confusing!

So you are 9 days hydro free?! That is so wonderful! I am amazed and I marvel at people who actually do whatever means. I was taking an average of 10-15 vicodin a day before I posted here during a suicidal night. Michelle (John 3:16) was the first to reply and I think BCBurnaby was the second...wonderful members they are, and if you post...they will come!

I have finally formulated a plan, but just haven't posted it yet...for me, timing is everything. When I made my first thread here (it's called "Hard is life for those who live on for the sake of their loved ones" and it's on about page 4 or 5 of all these threads by now), I spilled practically my whole life story of addiction and how I got there. For me that is what I needed to do to even start thinking about actually getting off of them.

You will find your way of interacting and comfort level of what you say here, but you will find freedom in the anonyminity of it, and loads of support if you keep posting. The more the members know about you and your level of addiction, the more support and ideas you will get.

I am here anytime you want to talk, and will try to respond to you as soon as possible when I see you've posted, okay? I am very, very early in my recovery and wish I was where you are and that I got there the way you did! VERY PROUD OF YOU! Please feel free to "vent," laugh, cry, and talk about whatever you need to to get through all the emotions you are going through and which I understand so well...

I have always failed at quitting cold that what you did? If so, I am amazed and so wish I had that kind of strength and willpower. If you are tapering or using transition drugs to help you get off, that also is equally as great! Whatever works, I think, as long as it works. I have barely begun to deal with the physical and I know the mental is going to be the "kicker" and most likely the cause of a relapse or be a "deal-breaker" for me as I journey through this addiction, but we can journey together, and that makes a world of difference when you feel alone or just need to know that you are not alone in your addiction or at whatever stage of recovery you are in!

Welcome to the board, Bigepop, and I hope to hear from you soon :)

Till the next time we "talk,"


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