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Julie -

Having a friend to help you take the first step towards going off those pills is what registered most with me. Half the battle is having support. I'm so happy that you've got that. :-)

Never having been on with methadone or suboxone...I can't help you with that decision. However, I would make the suggestion that you find out about both--AND--also....discuss with an addictionologist the chances of your tapering off the drugs, with that doctor there to guide you step by step. I tell you this...because I am thinking through similar decisions. I would not select methadone, though, for the reason that it can involve daily trips to a clinic to get it. But, then you have situations like Chef, where he is given a prescription for it.

As far as Suboxone and Methadone being an "exchange of one drug for another"---the "jury" is still out in my mind! But in my particular case, I'd consider, say Suboxone, because, with my depressive history, I might stand a better chance of it keeping the depression somewhat at bay. Fear of depression (even on antidepressants) is what's holding me back from a complete taper. I know it's lurking there, just waiting. So, I am in a complete quandary, myself!

But I am so glad that you have come this far--and after learning more about the various choices--you may know in your heart which seems best for you. Please let us know how your appt. goes today. (Michelle's been depressed because they have still not determined which stage this tumor in her uterous is in. It's a small growth...but they won't know for another two weeks...and then they may freeze it off. Anyway, that's why she's been real quiet on the board. I've been writing to her.)

wishing you a good appt! Lynn :-)

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