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Hi. Nice place.

I need advice/info for a friend. She's battling a 2 yr, $300(AU) a day heroin addiction and has made the decision to quit. Trouble is, to qualify for Methodone, Naltrexone or any other treatment program in Australia, you have to be registered in a national, public database. For her own personal reasons she believes that this is not the best option. (Can't say i blame her.)

Before i specify what info i require, allow me to briefly explain her background. She's 23 and works 2 jobs (accounting and reception) seemingly around the clock. She's smart, headstrong, attractive and possesses amazing strength of character but two years and more is taking its toll. She has a history of drug use including weed, alcohol, meth and prescription drugs (mainly analgesics but i'll post back when i know exactly what sort.)

Any advice is welcome but i'm specifically interested in natural, herbal remedies to ease the symptoms of withdrawal. I've heard of St John's Wort before but would like to know more about its effects and effectiveness. I'm also looking for info on over-the-counter drugs that may help but, given her history, this obviously excludes opiates.

Also, as everyone knows that addicts are a truly creative bunch, i'd like to hear about any mundane solutions/remedies/hobbies or whatever that may help to get through the worst of it and beyond. IMO, the wealth of experience of users in this matter is nothing to laugh at.

Thanks in advance for any help. Who knows? I may post back when i'm ready to truly stand up to my own addictions.

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