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Hi Sever-
I am a recovering H addict-and i can tell you some of the things that have helped me past/present..
I have a fairly long history myself-but in terms of opiate addiction-i spent about 8 yrs. on /off-w/ a 2 yr. break-i managed to get clean for 2 yrs..i did a home detox-w/ methadone-
Does she have access to methadone or suboxone(bupe)?
In australia-can drs. prescribe these meds-w/o having to sign off as a bonafide junky?
I ask-because coming off a 300-.00 a day habit is gonna be pretty nasty-w/o medication.
But-it is doable-and most w/d w/o serious health risk-but in a detox you can be supervised-
She would need someone to help her-the first day or so-
For natural/detox-immodium for diarehea/water/fluids-some valium/or benzos for anxiety-detox-(very helpful)-advil/motrin for aches/pains-also Clonidine(prescription)-can help alleviate w/d symptoms-
This is really a tough call- cos ive been thru several cold turkey detoxs-and its hellish-but for some-"feeling the pain"-can be the deterrant that keeps them from using again-for me-i needed the meds-i would get to day 3-and use again.
THe first 72 hrs-are the hardest-after that-its residual aches/pains-for another week-and the first month-is cravings/fluish/sneezes/and lethagy-a good multivitamin/healthy food-lots of fluids..
Heavy depression usually sets in after detox-and having support is key-i also suggest-either drug counseling/therapy-and/or AA/NA meeting for aftercare.
Its a process-and its one of the toughest things any person can go thru..
When is she planning to do this-can she take time from work-cos she needs at least a week of no responsibilities..
You/and other friends who can offer/help-support for her during this is key-
But instinctively-i really feel like in patient is best-with a big habit-the cravings are so intense its better to be in house-safe/medically supervised.
Just my take..
Hope this helps..
Blessed Be..

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