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I'm glad you agree Kimbee, I just read a very interesting article published by the national institutes of health concerning the treatment of opiate dependence, and it stressed over and over again that opiate dependence is indeed a medical illness. I do not find any reason whatsoever to disagree with that assessment.

I have a friend who is going to the same doc, and is prescribed the exact same dosage (16 mgs/day), but intends to taper himself off on just this first prescription because he's afraid of insurance dropping him or his parents finding out. I've spent a lot of time trying to convince him that this is a horrible idea and that he really should stick with the treatment - he's my best friend and a big part of my strength in doing this. If he doesnt stick to it he's going to relapse, i know it, and then how can I stay his friend and stay clean at the same time? It worries me a lot, especially after I just read this publication that stresses very strongly how important *extended* treatment is, if you expect to be successful. I think he thinks it's going to be easy. Or, god forbid, that he'll be able to go back to the "occasional" "on the weekend" "just every now and then" style of using - YEAH RIGHT! i just dont know what to tell him, except that our lives are at stake here.

i dont know what the policy is on this board but if i'm allowed to i'd love to give you my AIM name or pick a chat room or something Kim, i have a feeling you can give me some good advice about what to do with my friend =\

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