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Has anyone used Neurontin or Buspar in Benzo withdrawal? My doctor has brought up both. I'm on a dose of 10/mg daily for about 7 months and want to taper off. He says both have shown help in avoiding withdrawal symptoms. Any opinions? Thanks!!
I've taken both,and this is just ONE experience.
Neurontin did nothing for me....was like a sugar pill.

I took Buspar during a particularly distressing period in my life,and it was fairly effective at keeping me calm and focused,without being intrusive into my daily activities...takes a couple of days-2 weeks to kick in.

Hope that helps

Neurontin is supposed to keep you from seizing. It should be used only short-term(after the danger period is over). I don't see how Buspar would help at all....probably make withdrawals worse. I'd stay away from the Buspar. The Neurontin won't give you much relief but is to guard against seizures. Neurontin is not good for you long-term.

good luck

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