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Hi DJ,

First off- my hats off to you for serving and sacrificing for this great country of ours! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! :)

What saved me from the twitching that you described and the restlessness and anxiety was a drug called Neurontin. It is actually a drug for nerve pain but is used for a variety of other things (as alot of meds are).

I tried quitting a 25 a day Lortab habit numerous times and would make it a week or so and always cave. I finally turned to the subutex and was on it (for the most part) for nine months but was CUT OFF from the doctor who prescribed it because he decided I had to join his 4 night a week therapy program in order to refill my subutex. I said, "no thanks" and found a new addictionologist, but think that was probably the best thing that could have happened for me.

Like I said, he put me on Neurontin for the twitching, restlessness, and anxiety, clonidine for the shakes and sweats, and Provigil, which is a stimulant, and, ofcourse, I was already on an anti-depressant of which he would have put me on had not I was already on one. I have managed to stay clean (with the exception of using three days after I found out I had cervical cancer) for almost 3 months- MONUMENTAL for me! So you can do it, too!

I feel for you though as my family went snow skiing in March and at the time I was in withdrawals from the subutex (BTW, this is an opiate as well but used for maintenance as you do not get "high"). Try snow skiing and teaching a 6 and 4 year old to snow skii in withdrawals! :eek: But, I made it through and enjoyed it the best I could! Now how many days until you leave? Five? You will be over the worst of the physical withdrawals by then! That's good and the change of scenery, as one poster mentioned, may be good for what follows the physical withdrawals (lethargy and some depression). Try to stay busy and enjoy yourself!

I hope all goes well for you. Keep me posted! Take care and God bless,

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