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Thanks Sarandipity. My fiance came home one evening and found me asleep sitting upright with a poptart on my chest. After taking abmien I would get up and eat food and not know that I had eaten it until I saw all the empty containers in the garbage. One day I was mixing vanilla wafters and diet coke into a bowl and drinking it. Of course, John had to pull it away from me as I was falling asleep while drinking the mixture. He too has threaten to video me and let me see it the next day. I can't lie about taking it either as they say that my face distorts, and I end up looking like I am doing a bad Elvis imitation.

My kids say it is them or the pills. I love my kids more than anything, but still can't break the addiction. I gave them to my fiance to lock up and to distribute to me as prescribed. This is what my doctor has said to do. I don't find it affective as I tell him one (as prescribed) won't do it you have to atleast give me two. However, him keeping them locked up prevents me from taking them around the clock. He only gives them to me between 8 and 9 o'clock or when he gets tired of me whining and begging for them.

I don't know how I will learn to sleep again. I started taking them for insomnia. My great grandmother, my grandmother, my mother, me and now my 17 year old daughter have chronic incomnia. Getting off the ambien will help the behaviours from sleeping pills, yet I will still have to deal with the insomnia. I have tried everything over the counter and other rx pills. Most of them make me groggy and hungover feeling the next morning, so I don't like to take them. Ambien leaves me clear headed in the morning-it is just recalling the actions of the night before. Benodryl hypes me up and makes my heart race so I can't take anything benodryl based. Not excuses. Just reality. Have you been to a sleep clinic? That has been suggested, and I am thinking about trying it. Let me know. And thanks for your reponse, and I look forward to hearing from others.

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