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Re: Alcoholic
Aug 4, 2004
I need some information please.

My husband drinks between 8-10 oz of bourbon or vodka on the rocks every night before dinner. It definitely affects his attidue and mood. He gets arrogant, nasty and verbally abusive. He eats very well and falls asleep within 10 minutes of eating. Wakes frequently during the night and ends up watching TV on and off until he gets up 5:00AM. He is fine at that time and doesn't drink during the day or after dinner. We have been married for 34 years and has ALWAYS had 2-3 drinks prior to dinner. He did stop about 7 months ago for a month with no apparent ill effects except for depression during that time. He quit to prove to himself that he could quit whenever he wanted to and because we got into a huge argument about it. My questions is: Do any of you think he is an alcoholic? (I do).... He claims having a "few" drinks before dinner relaxes him but 8-10 oz? I have measured the amount behind his back. A large 1/2gal of bourbon is gone in 5 days.

What effects is this having on his liver, heart, etc? He is 65 and appears to be in excellent physical condition. Some nights he is really messed up, staggering, falling asleep while he is eating, etc. but other nights he seems to handle it better. His parents were alcoholics. We've had some issues over the abuse problem but that is another story.

I am just wondering if I am over reacting. Both my parents were alcoholics, my brother died of the disease at 57 just 1 month ago and my younger sister is in AA. I don't drink and never have. Alcohol has effected everyone that is/was important to me and this problem with hubby is causing a LOT of anxiety with me.....

What is the difference between a "problem drinker" or a alcoholic? Is he or isn't he?
Thanks to all of you for sharing your problems. I can see a lot of bravery here. :)
Re: Alcoholic
Aug 9, 2004
I too binge drink 2-3 days a week, on vodka. My DH and I can put away a 750ml bottle of vodka in as little as 2 hours. Vodka is the only thing I drink, but I have to drink it till it's gone.
Today was the start of Day one of sobriety (I hope.) I emptied the last of the bottle down the drain that was left over from yesterday. I came so close to just drinking it, because it was only about 1 1/2 shots worth. Phew! I also FINALLY made an appointment with an addictions counselor. It was one of the hardest things I've done.
Now maybe I can work on being the mother/wife I know in my heart I can be. I also hope you can gain some strength from my message to help yourself. Good Luck!!

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