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Re: Need Help
Aug 6, 2004
You have to be well by tuesday??? got a couple options-try to get some methadone-or suboxone-you could kick cold turkey-but no way alone/w-young kids'll be way too difficult-
Where is your husband?Does he use?
I was a heroin addict for several years-last year-i went on suboxone treatment-you can find a dr. in your area-by searching-suboxone-
Suboxone is similar to methadone-except the withdrawal from sub is supposedly easier to come off-and you can get it from your doctor(no clinic/lines-etc.)-theres no high-and you can't get high when you are on it-it binds to the receptors-in your brain-so no point in using it doesn't work..
Have you ever kicked before???
How long/how much are you using??
A little more info-maybe i can help...
Suboxone has saved several people on this board-from active addiction-it gives the addict a chance to pull there life together-minus the severe depression/cravings..
Do you have health insurance?
Is your husband around on the weekends?
Sorry for all the questions-but i need to know a little more..
Your not alone-there is a way out-ill do what ever i can to help you-figure out your options-i know it is a scary situation-but to gotta face your fears-you got the power..

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