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Well if itís any comfort youíre not alone, youíre not the first and you won't be the last. I was in a very similar situation as yourself. I was using pain meds (hydrocodone) without my wife knowing or any others. What a burden that was. I was also so trapped and feeling there was no way out.

Without going into detail (you can read my posts for more detail) I resolved my situation on my own but it was such a mental struggle/burden. I did use my PCP (Primary Care Physician) to help with the drugs I needed to go CT (Cold Turkey) I did taper for a few months first as coming off 500/mg (yes I had gotten myself in very DEEP) was not reasonable when going Cold Turkey in my mind. Oh and it took a few try's to be successful in getting of the pain meds.

There are so many here that will be able to help or guide you. You will need to provide a bit more detail on your situation.

What are you using (type/strength)?
How often a day do you take it?

Hey I remember when I was in your situation I did a bunch of crying also, at the drop of a hat. Anything would set me off. I was an emotional wreck. But like you I had enough energy or thoughts about getting myself out of the situation I had gotten myself into. It can be done. I will admit its not pleasant. There is pain before you find gain but its all so worth it, so very worth it. The guilt is terrible on its own let alone the drug side effects.

Based on you providing more info you have a number of options to get yourself out of the addiction. It may be very difficult to do it by yourself (without hubby knowing) but I'm not sure what your situation is so lets see what you are into and then many here will help provide guidance as to your paths or course of resolution.

Know that you took the first huge step by realizing you have a problem and want to resolve it! I'm very proud of you for that!

Let us know


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