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Hiya Gang...hope this morning finds everyone doing well..First off please let
me preface this post by saying although I have been following this thread
intently and reading all your posts....I have been very ,very hesitant to
post on this thread as I dont want to jump in the conversation ,thoughts
you all are discussing...Banker ,GG65 , is as if I feel in someway
I am intruding..however if after reading my post here guys...just let me know
and I will not post again on this thread....with that being said because of
my medical background , current position ,etc...I am very familiar and
knowledgeable about the ADD meds...Concerta ,Ritalin ,Adderall ,Metadate CD,
Straterra ,etc....and also the appetite decreasing meds as well - Xenical ,
Meridia ,Phentermine ,etc...I am clinically aware of the pharmacology ,
indications for use ,pharmacokinetics ,etc and also the etiology of ADD...
My clinical experience is very ,very limited with Sub as I have only been
involved in the administrative side of the implementation , credentialling of
docs ,etc ,state and fed regulations as it relates to the hospital setting of
our Sub program...Although I have never taken any meds for ADD or appetite
supressants myself...I am willing to try and help with any clinical questions
you all may have...I always have an ear open and caring heart as Lynn
and GG65 would tell ya banker...As for my for myself I am a recovering
pharmaceutical addict here ( opiates ,benzos ,muscle relaxers ) and
currently 100 % on track with a detox contract...I am also currently
battling clinical depression for the first time in my life - and let me tell
you guys...this clinical depression is a truly dark,dark demon very
powerful and scarey...however I just started therapy this week for the
first time ever in my life to address this depression of mine...I hope I
didnt step on any toes here...I just really ,truly care about you all - Banker,
GG65 and Lynn....Please let me know if I can be of any help in any capacity ,
etc...I will always have an ear open for ya guys !


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