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My friend Sara...sorry I didnt get back to ya sooner but I just logged on ( as I
wanted to wait until my ex left ( she is at her monthly trip to the spa and
then tanning ) she is becoming quite curious as to why I am on the
computer lately as before I was always at work while she stayed home full
time...However , I hear ya callin out and askin for some encouragement so
here I am knockin at your door and ready to cheer you on give you much
encouragement !!! First off , CONGRATS!!! you are doing no
ambien or soma - I am so very,very proud of you !! - Sara as I have followed
your story for quite sometime...much longer than before I even got the
courage to post...I had and still do have a TREMENDOUS amount of respect
and admiration for you...For Sara I often wonder how very,very much harder
your struggle is then mine with all the responsibilities you have and juggle!!!
You have your wonderful children ,the financial responsibility of taking care
of your family ,etc and also contuing to work while fighting your addiction !
Please,Please give yourself a great big hug and pat on the back for doing
so great with the ambien and soma and cigarettes...and DO NOT beat yourself
up about having to get the Vicodin refilled- I KNOW you have legitimate
pain issues my friend and you are RIGHT about your Doctor !!! --She would
NOT want you to go off all the meds at once -soma,ambien,hydro !!!...
Remember my friend I am post-op cervical fusion with donor bone,plates,
screws so I KNOW you have pain from your medical history..Sara you are already
SO FAR along the road to recovery and sobriety-look at all the great strides
you have already made - admitting you want off the meds , stopping the
ambien and soma ,and watching/monitoring how much hydro you take...In
addition to being a great mom , super worker ,phenomenal woman and
caring friend you are ALSO doing PT to help with your pain...Keep it going
girl !! You are doing great , I can feel the change in you , I KNOW it is
hard with the physical withdrawls/cravings but you my friend are well on
the way to recocery and sobriety !!...Sara keep fighting for trust me my
friend the future will be so bright and wondrous along this road of recovery
...leaving behind the insanity of addiction and death and demise of the soul
that surely comes with addiction....we will walk together as friends towards
a life of sobriety and freedom !!!!..On a personal note it is Day 4 for me
Sara and although it has been tough at times physically and certainly
psychologically with the cravings/triggers,etc...I am still 100 % on my
detox contract..CONTRACT- that is Sara to get my soul ,heart,mind ,body
and life back and ya know Sara it has been so worth it !!! I am still going
to my first therapist appt. next week and also my first NA meeting next
week !!! The darkness ,despair ,isolation ,insanity of it all is ever so softly
leaving as light ,happiness ,hope ,and dreams for the future slowly are
creeping and knockin at my soul !!!....I am always here for you Sara as well
as anyone else I may be of help too....Please let me know Sara if I can
be of further help to you ANYWAY ....I care and RECOVERY ROCKS!!!


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