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hey everyone...i have chronic pain problems and for the last 6 months or so i have been prescribed's honestly the one medicine that has ever helped me with my pain, and the pain i get is so bad that..ugh..i can't even describe it..i'd rather be dead than have to suffer with percocet has been such a relief to have

i started taking probably about 1 every 3-4 days which wasn't a big deal...eventually i was taking 1 every day, then that turned into 2...then when one pill wasn't working and i'd have to take more than one at a time, i was taking like 8-9 pills a day..8-9 isn't as much as other people i've heard of who take around 10-15 at time, numerous times a day, but it's still bad i think..recently i couldn't get a prescription and i had to go down to about 1-2 a day...

i honestly never felt so horrible in my life...i had a fever, my nose was running, my stomach was messed up, just everything..i was just freaking out...the chills were arms and legs felt so horrible, i looked it up online and i think it's called "kicking"..i was just freaking out and hitting walls and throwing things..not cause i was angry or anything, it was like a relief to my muscles..i can't explain it but i guess you guys know what i mean.

i realized i have a problem when my instinct was to call a bunch of people and ask them if they knew anyone who could hook me up with percocet or codeine or was embarrassing, i couldn't believe i was stooping that low, but i didn't know what else to do...i couldn't just go cold turkey even if i wanted to stop..i'd have to ween off of them atleast.

i got a prescription today so i'm feeling better but i'm just scared i guess cause i'm afraid i'll take more and more..i'm afraid to tell anyone because i'm afraid they'll take them away and i'll have to be in pain's like i don't want to take them anymore, but i also don't want to stop...i'm really afraid to

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