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Bart, I am going thru withdrawals right now as I am typing this,
It's been 88 hours now, almost 4 days since I took my last ultram.
I have been on it for over a year now (May of 2003) for my chronic
nerve pain that I had gotton while having gallbladder surgery
(darn surgeron) :-( Well anyway when my doctor first prescribed me
ultram I told her that I DID NOT want to be on a Narcotic, well she told
me that ultram is NOT a narcotic and that I wouldn't have any trouble
stopping, YEAH RIGHT!! I have tried numerous times to stop with no
success. Well I think that I will do it this time. But before when I tried
to stop I was taking 3 to 4 pills a day and the withdrawals were much
worse then it is now. Don't get me wrong I am still suffering with
withdrawals, but I had to taper down from 3 to 4 pills a day down to
1/4 of a pill a day and that took about a month to do.
So I would say try to taper down to where I got to.
No matter what, you are going to have withdrawals on what ever dose
that you were on. Some people I have read on other message boards that they had NO problem stopping the ultram, I wish that I would of been one of those people UGH!! oh well now I'm just trying to take it day by day
and knowing that I will be free from this horrible so -called NON- narcotic drug soon that keeps my spirits up (somewhat) ;-)
SO try to taper down and see if that would help you get off of ultram.
I am thinking about writing to the makers of ultram or to the FDA and tell them that they should label ultram as a Addictive NARCOTIC! because they will probably have alot of lawsuits on there hands. I heard that some people have already sued the makers of ultram go figure huh??
Well I wish you luck (and wish me luck too) :-) on getting off of ultram.
I'll be thinking of you! Kim

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