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Bart,and everyone else addicted to the demon drug Ultram,
I haven't posted here in a while,but I kicked the Ultram habit coming up on seven months ago,and it has definitely been a nightmare.Don't let anybody kid you, although some people don't get anything from the Ultrams,it is still very addicting and just as hard to get off of as any other addicting substances,except benzo's.Of course my habit was 7 years long and in the end I was swallowing 50 a day,I tried taking Vicodins to wean myself off,they didn't touch me,and I finally came clean and told my doctor.The withdrawal meds are pretty much the same i.e. clonidine,valium bentyl,etc.-but the hardest part for me has been staying clean because I have done so much damage to my neurological system,and my days are actually pretty painful for me to get thru now.With that said,I can still tell you that I would never go back to active addiction and living the way I was living.It was pathetic,to say the least.But,I saw your post,and thought I'd offer my experiences and any help I can give you or answer any questions,because this road truly does suck.Hang in there,and let me know how you're doing.


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