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Hi everyone and let me start with a special thanks to all of you-Christin,Wind,
Lynn,Lisa,MJ,BC, all are simply the best and I will take all your
suggestions/words of wisdom to heart..Pre Plan/Contract I was using 1.
Benzos - alprazolam 0.25 mg 3 x day/valium 30 - 40 mg/day.2.Muscle relaxers - 1 Soma
350 3 x day 3. Opiates -on average 150 mg hydrocodone a day ( depending
on the the day maybe alittle tramadol or 10-20 mg oxycodone - some days none of these )...but always the 150 mg hydro a day...Day 3 for me I realized
after last night dehydration was indeed a concern so I paged my Dr. and had
him call in some Zofran ODT ( a non-sedating rather selective receptor blocker
and a big gun when it comes to anti-emetic properties )..ODT formulation as
it as fast dissolving on the tongue as opposed to the tablet formulation...and
my ex-lover picked it up this a.m. along with some Pedialyte and oatmeal
and ho-hos for far the Zofran is working wonders !! Okay so I am
still on track with the taper - taking 105 mg hydo today , 34 mg valium today,
one Wellbutrin XL 300 and the Zofran...-NO OTHER DRUGS!!!---..However,
I have considered the warnings/advice from all of you concerning the benzos
and seizure risk and I will look at my taper plan again and maybe hold the
valium dose steady for awhile at 34 mg or at least taper much,much more
slowly with the valium as Phil even suggested...I will keep you guys posted
quite honestly I just wanted this physical w/d process to be something I
NEVER,EVER forget...Looking forward to my first NA meeting next week...
Yeah for me it is day 3 and so far I am making it again..and guys tears
come to my eyes when I think about how much support/kindness I have
received from every one of you....there are no words to express my
gratitude to you all....

Peace and Recovery to All....Chris

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