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I see where others have advised tapering off. But if you are truly addicted, I don't think "the tapering off" method is successful. Something happens during the day to upset you and boom, there goes the pills. One, two, three at a time. Atleast that was the way it was for me.

If the tapering off method isn't successful for you, try Suboxone. It is a non addictive alternative to detox. Only physicians trained in it can subscribe it. Most have never heard of it. Call around and find an addiction specialist. Ask about Suboxone. Find the doctor that can prescribe it. It works in the brain to block the "high" we get from pain pills. Research Suboxone on the internet. I am using it now, and it has saved my life. It helps with both physical and mental cravings.

It has been my experience that until I got rid of the problem causing the physical pain, I was unsuccessful in stopping pain meds. I went ahead with the neck surgery, got it fixed, and then went to an addiction specialist. Not pain center doctors. My doc is a psychiatrist.

I have 90 days clean now. I have never felt better. The natural energy level has come back. Some say I am even a little hyper. I have come across the pills recently and was truly able to reject them. Nothing I have ever been able to do before. The first time I saw them after 30 day rehab, I ate them. Now, the desire is no longer there for me.

This has just been my experience. Others of course have different experiences. Suboxone has been a life saver for me but like someone mentioned, everyone is different.

As far as what to expect detox wise: I felt like I had the worst flu in the world. I had absolutley no energy. I would roll out of bed and crawl to the bathroom when I had to go. Oh yeah! I had to go. The worse diarrhea! The pills slow down the digestive track and when the pills are abruptly stopped, the digestive system comes back with a vengence. And the worse was the lack of sleep. I couldn't sleep. But being this sick and knowing one little pill could ease all this was too hard for me to bear and I would ease right back into them and within a week was right back where I started. I repeated this cycle over and over and over and over and over..............

Good luck to you. Discuss with your doctor what is best for you. Be careful of other substances too. After coming clean off the hydrocodone, I became addicted to the sleeping medicine they gave me to help me sleep during detox. You may want to make sure any sleep meds they give you are non addictive. It is much easier to stop the monster before he starts.

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