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Brenda I was addicted to pain pills started with hydrocodone and percocet.....then moved onto roxicodone.....then methadone........i was taking any pain pills i could get by the time i went into re hab. Methadone is a partially agonist (meaning that it is not a full agonist, like morphine, oxycontin, hydrocodone..etc..) All that stuff means is that a full agonist gives you more of a euphoric high.......partial ones arent supposed to give you such a euphoric high......methadone is used in the treatment of heroin/opiate/opiod addiction.........usually it takes about a month of continual use before you become addicted....withdrawls from methadone are horrible lasting up to 7weeks.....basically like withdrawl from heroin......when i was super addicted to pain killers i couldnt sleep unless i took some type of opiate......i was fine using hydrocodone and perocoet......but then the half life of the drug was so short that i would wake up a few hours after taking the dose.......then i would have to take more pills and fall back asleep again......this was costing so much money i had to be high all day.....i would wake up with cramps diarreah, crazy anxiety attacks, moody, and covered in sweat.......i eventually just used methadone as my main source of drug , because i could sleep all night with the methadone because it has such a long life.....i also noticed while on methadone i didnt even think about getting high because it lasted so long and i knew that.....but i realized i couldnt live on methadone all my life i was up to 30mgs daily at least.........methadone blocks all other opiates so if you take methadone and take hydrocodone or oxycontin its not even gonna buzz i ended up going to see a psyciatrist and he gave me suboxone so i could live normally , suboxone doesnt make you really feel makes you not think about getting high because it is a partial opiod itself , it is also easier to come off of....suboxone allows me to sleep normally and i do not have withdrawls hardly at also has a drug called naloxone in it that blocks opiates like the methadone.......dont keep taking opiates or think that you can taper down on your own, because you probably wont be able to.

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