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Clonidine is a good idea. Being truthful with your doc is also good. Tapering is prolonged is best to get Clonidine, some Ensure milkshakes, lots of water, some ibuprofen, and cold turkey. Talk to your doc about seizures...apparently they are rare with opiate withdrawal. Seizures come with benzo withdrawal(xanax, valium, klonipin) and with booze withdrawal. You'll need some time to rest(3 or 4 days) when you kick. Help from the doc is important. Meetings will help with the psychological part that comes later. Good luck.

I'm so sorry you're in the throws of withdrawal and it seems the drugs to help are not working so well but thatís just the way it is. The withdrawal kind of overrides the assisting drugs youíre taking. If you get the nervous legs try walking outside or if you have to walk around the house but keep moving. I would try so hard to exhaust myself with exercise so I could get some sleep or rest. It kind of works. Not sure of the strength of Valium youíre taking but the Dr. prescribed 10mg every 6 hrs and that just knocked my out big time. I wasnít used to taking a benzo so it worked well for me. I was so leery of the benzo that I cut it off after 3 days though. I think you need a prescription for quinine. Just hang in there, you have a couple days invested now and its going to start to get better. Donít give in now! And donít psych yourself out with the dreaded withdrawals. If your into day 2 its not going to be much worse, it will just hang at this threshold for a few days (3 &4 maybe) but then the storm starts to clear up. You can do it! You have to give it your all, if not you will never win! We are here for you Boaz, just keep focusing in on the how good it will be when youíre free from the evil drugs.

My thoughts are very much with you


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