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Thanks for sharing you story-and Chef/Over/ heart aches..
Addiction ripped my soul/as well-I do believe the genetics/aspect..and ive seen it passed thru my family-and now to the young ones..coming up-alcohol/coke/heroin..some of us-are in recovery-others using..I feel blessed that i discovered the suboxone-and have been faithful in my treatment for close to a year.
Chef-it is a slow process-for many of us..but everyday-whether we take methadone/suboxone-Not doing drugs-our drug of choice-makes it another CLEAN day..I really felt like there was ZERO hope..i would die a junky-the sad part is..Buffx-your husband opted to continue-regardless of the consequences-his addiction took over everything sacred in his life-its amazing to me-how this works-He is in tremendous pain-He knows the differance-all the drugs in the world can't numb away-that he has nothing home/wife/kids..job.etc..
Chef-wouldn't you say-that was the catalyst for you pulling it together-??
Who knows maybe he'll have a revelation and get it together..i do believe there is hope-but i also understand the pull/the lure-of nothingness.
Everyone i used w/ in "the heyday'-is either dead/jail-or using still-a few of us did get off the drugs-and are in treatment or AA-i look back at those days-and i can't believe i went there-i CHOSE to use-out of depression/career problems/i lost hope for the future.I lost my soul and spirit..
So i pray-for all of us-and all our pain-and have to believe life will get better-that the spirit-is strong-
((((((big hugs)))))) to all-for those still active-i hope you find peace-and realise there is HOPE for the future-
GGrl65 :angel:

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