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for all that are using or considering using this message is for you:

four years ago my husband got addicted to Oxycontin. I stayed with him helping him go through withdarwl (cold turkey) five times and getting him into a hospital and eventaully a rehab. We owned our own business that his using destroyed, he took every penny we had including money in our children's saving accounts when everything was gone he wrote alot of checks for money we didn't have. evenually leading to trouble with the cops and the court system. nothing worked he finally couldn't take me not be a addict and wanting to be with other users, he left and he abandoned his two children.. he left me to pick up the pieces of 2 children's broken lives and to pay alot of debt. He stole from us, he stole from my parents, and he stole from our children. being sympathetic to someone over addictions will get the kind hearted into alot of trouble and what's worse is it leaves you with guilt over what the addict did to your loved ones all because you had to be the nice person you think you should be..

A year ago it came down to who did I love more? My children, My parents and Myself, or a person who could only abuse everyone and everything he came in contact with.. the sad result is he lost everything, an endearing, loyal, faithful wife, two wonderful, healthy children, his business, his home. He now lives in a drug squat with other addicts, and his children hate him. they have nothing to do with him and what's worse is he has never apologized to them nor does he want anything to do with them because he is still using. He pays no child support because he can't hold a job for longer than 4 days... It took a responsible loving husband and father down to nothing more than a person who cares about nothing but the next perscription and how to pay for it.

what exactly goes through an addict's mind is unknown, knowing what the outcome will be and it will be enevitably jail, other institution or death, they still continue to use. yes it would be easy to blame doctors that write perscriptions, the pharmacys that fill the perscriptions, but in the end it's always only one person to blame, the addict!!! the choices that people make will dictate the lives that they live. and his choices sure have.

for all of you that are thinking about making bad choices remember that your choices don't only affect you they affect everyone in your life. go to meetings, work a program, get into rehab, take what ever measures you have to take to ensure the end result is a life of freedom from drugs for you and the people that care about you.

thank you for letting me share!!!

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