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Fisherman...Please allow me to intoduce name is chris,35 yr old,
recovering pharmaceutical addict and recently kicked it all-opiates,benzos,
muscle relaxers with a very detailed "medically supervised " detox plan/contract ...I am now currently working on my "after detox plan " to stay far I have come up NA meetings ,NA conventions ,and yes therapy/
psychiatry for the first time ever in my life..still a "plan in progress for me to
keep clean.." However ,I feel it is IMPERATIVE that you and others continue
to post your personal experiences ,struggles ,successes ,failures with Sub...
As everyone is aware... indeed in addiction and recovery Sub is the " new
kid on the block " and quite the "buzz" word in the medical community right
now...The endless clinical studies ,manufacturer literature ,etc...altho
very useful is in NO WAY as useful as hearing recovering addicts own personal
stories ,struggles ,victories ,etc with this med...It is crucial that all people
posting feel free to share their struggles , hopes ,dreams ,pain etc . on this
board and Fisherman ,my friend , your input in this matter in reference to
Sub and your experiences and anyone elses with experience in taking this
med....Please..Please continue to post freely as it is crucial in helping all
of us recover using this board...Just my personal opinion but I have
always felt if 1 patient goes to 10 different drs and list identical sx with
all drs...every single dr will treat,dx,and rx different meds for that 1 patient
in 10 different ways/ I makin sense here?...Just as everyones
addiction and road to recovery is very unique such is the case with
each patients experienes,successes,failures,victories with Sub...Please
keep posting Fisherman...I have no right to ask this special favor of you..
but on an extremely personal note here...altho I have kicked the opiates,
benzos and muscle relaxers and recently am 100% totally clean...I am currently
in the battle...literally for my life with crippling depression that has taken
over my life ,soul ,spirit and heart...but I need to stay clean thru this all
and in working on my "after detox contract to stay clean "....I may need to
check into Sub for myself...who knows at this I can barely function
with the despair and darkness that has taken my soul....By the way I personally prefer walleye and muskey fishing living in WI...but my true love
is deep sea particular marlin ,shark ,speckled trout,grouper ,etc
Please post again my friend...I could use as many friends as possible right

Sincerely...Chris :angel:

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