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every one thinks suboxone/subutex and buprenex,all forms of bupenorphine,are miracle drugs....they have this false idea in their head that when it comes time to wean off very slow that there will be no withdrawals....all opiates,every single one of them carry the w/d factor.....for some certain symptoms are more pronounced than others...mine was the no sleepin bit...that is usually the last thing to return after you have done a complete detox off of opiates....diahrea used to kill me too and nothing,i mean nothing,immodium all that crap never worked for me...your not going to die but you are going to feel discomfort for some time....they are now putting people on clonidine and trazadone after they have completed the bupenorhine therapy.....another myth is how terrible methadone detox is only as terrible as you make it....have to go very slow with suboxone and methadone cause of the half life of those comes the real test...relapse...dont do it...your paying the piper now...can it done and over and seek some freindship/guidance at 12 step meetings...they will be very helpful to you right me...chef

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