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Dear Banker,

I am caving in on day 5. I have not used yet but I see it coming. I have a script for 40 8mg suboxone in my wallet and know that will give my pain a rest. I am hurting so much.............thought patterns are wild and even having tingling feelings. And these are not coming from the physical side...............alll mental withdrawel.

I pray you don't have to go through this when they feel it is time to wean you off. Even when I was down to 1mg a day it was nothing close to what I am feeling right now. Are there any people on this forum who has successfully came off of Suboxone? Especially ones who has stayed on it over 3 months..............I am a very strong willed person. I had quit smoking 15 years ago but started back last fall. Decided I wanted to quit about two months ago and used the nic. patch for a couple of weeks and had no problem quiting. I quit using 3 20mg RitilanXR (that I had used regulary for two years) in a day.

So what I am saying is those are real hard addictions to quit. Some people can never quit smoking.

Why can't I have the same power with the suboxone? I thought it had saved my life but now feel I have created a monster. There is no hole to hide in, no one who can give you strength, no where on earth to escape it's hold on me. I read Chris's thread about his wife and pray that he has the strenght to survive a blow like that. We all seem to have crisis in our lives. Is that our common factor? Do we lack coping skills, The Lord knows I do!

I am sorry for rambling...................I am losing the fight. Banker, please don't let my crying get you down because you might just wean off with no problems , just like I did with the Ritilan. just may be me.


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