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Hey Fisherman,
I just read your new post, and I had the same train of thought earlier today. A best-seller, no doubt, "The Boards".
I have never experienced anything like this, I did quit drinking two years + ago, but after the good feeling of beating the alchohol passed, I discovered my love for opiates in full-force. I always liked them, don't get me wrong, but did not know that "like" would turn into a full-blown love affair.

Yes, when I see young people, (I'm 42), out having fun, part of me wants to warn them of the road they may have to travel, and just to "Say No", and not indulge at all. But than I think of all the fun I had over the years, would I want that to change, would I have had as much fun living a life of sobriety? That I will never know, but I hope to find out for Part II of my life.

I'm back to work tomorrow, I have a professional job, and took a week off for my planned WD's, but no-one there has any knowledge of my opiate addiction (at least, not that I know of).

You know, I wanted to ask you, I read somewhere on a post, that a girl that was on her 3rd days of WD's found 10 hydro's in her car, and what should she do. All I could think of when I was reading this (I was on like Day 3 of WD's), was how could she have forgotten them. I loved them way too much to ever forget them, I gave them all of my attention, heart, and soul.......

Anyway, didn't mean to be so long winded.
Thanks again for being here, you have played a huge part in helping me through this, I will never be able to thank you enough. When I got home I had to come right up to my computer to see how you were doing, weird, but true.......

Your friend,

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