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It was so weird that I did not feel any physical w/ds until around the 5 day. That don't mean I was not going through the emotional ones. Maybe they were so overpowering that they masked the physical ones. I did not feel the emotional start to show it's ugly head until I was down to about 1mg in the morning and 1mg in the afternoon. It was very uncomfortable for those couple of weeks but nothing compares when that 36 hour hits after your last dose. You only thought you were bad on 1mg to find out that 1mg was Heaven compared to zero. Your at a good maintnance dose at 8mg a day. That is where I started and stayed. I could have probably started at 6mg and made it. You have been on it a long time as I was only on maintnance for about 6 weeks so it will react a little more drastic for you at first. However, when you get to zero, you will be no different than me , Over, Stella and a few other s that have w/d. It will be the same song and dance. You may even do better than we have because of the knowledge that I received from these wonderful people who had successfully w/d from the Sub.

Please don't let the weight be your deciding factor. Lot easier to loose weight down the road than kick a opiate addiction. Funny, I lost weight while I was on the Sub. I would feel so good that I forgot to eat. Good thing because I have gained a pound a day since day 1-13. I clocked in at 183 today and I was a smooth 170 13 days ago. You lucky will probably loose a pound a day when you quit. I 'll be so jealous of you.LOL

your friend,

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