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Post script to earlier post:

I didn't want to scare you at first but there are some things you need to know. I wasn't sure whether or not to write about this or not as is can be scarry, but after a lot of thought, I think you should know. But please, get your physicians advice over mine as I am NOT a doctor.

You may want to talk with your doctor about what you are taking. Darvocet can be dangerous in people who don't know what they are dealing with. Darvocet, darvon, etc. is a relative of the methodone family. It is presribed in two forms-propoxyphene hydrochloride and propoxyphene napsylate for mild to moderate pain.

Some authorities, including the AMA, say that propoxyphene is less effective for pain than a normal dose of aspirin. Which is why most people quickly move on to other substances. However, the gap between a theraputic dose and overdose is small. The margin of safety is so slight that as a little as 4 times the standard dose can cause slowness of breathing and heart rate.

Darvocet is especially dangerous when mixed with alcohol and other depressants, especially valium.

In most compounds caffeine is present which can cause insomonia. We already know we can't sleep coming off of substances so we don't need that. Check with your pharmacist to see if your rx contains any.

Also, with propoxyphene, overdoses are doubly deadly because they can happen so quickly. Darvocet is so mild that when it doesn't work, we tend to take more. What ever you do, don't take more than prescribed. Overdose happens so quickly like within an hour of taking it.

Know what you are taking. Talk to your doctor and your pharmacist. Darvocet has gotten a bad wrap since the 50's. I know you are taking it to help with your w/d symptoms not pain but as you can tell, this drug is nothing to mess around with.

Before I found this out, I use to take it for pain but realized quickly that its effective as a pain med was not very great. I use to take 12 at a time before I found out any of this info. It used to make me drunk, a different feeling than the hydro. I guess I can be glad I didn't like feeling drunk and begged my doctor for something else. I know hydro is no candy but you asked about Darvocet so I am telling you what I know about this drug.

Good luck with this medication. Just find out more of what you are dealing with. Don't be afraid to speak up to your doctor about what you know of this drug. Most druggies that I know don't mess with Darvocet but not for this reason.

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