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:) :nono: :eek: :confused: :rolleyes: :) pleasse post back, I need some answers.
Usually just a few days. Just have to tough it out...try some sudafed tablets.
thank you. ill try that
Try saline sprays until the congestion goes away. I know you aren't supposed to use nasal sprays for more than three days in a row or it will have the opposite effect. What you are experiencing.

You can also try steaming. Boil water. After the water boils, remove from stove and put on table (protect from heat obviously). Lean over the pan, put a towel over your head and the pan, and breath in the steam. This is also good for facials. So clean your pores afterwards.

A vaporizer may help at night.

My ex mother in law snorts salt water and swears by it. I tried it and puked. Good luck!
lol snorting salt water! wow ... the scary thing is that i have accually heard of that! thanks for all your advice. it really helps

I had that problem in college. Even went to the doc for it. Keep snorting "Ocean Spray"(saline) and it'll go away in a few days.
I think snorting salt water is an old fashion remedy.

How long have you been using nasal sprays and why do you use them?

I know when I am congested, I will reach for a nasal spray in a heartbeat. I will go to the pharmacy at 3 in the morning if I have to for relief of nasal congestion. I can take a lot of things but not that. I hate not being able to breath through my nose especially when I am sleeping.

I like the bottle that pumps and sprays. I hate the squeezable bottle. I feel like I am drowning when I use that type.

I only use them when I have a cold though which isn't that often thank goodness. I know when my kids are congested I will follow them around trying to spray their little noses. They run when they see the bottle. They funny thing is that they are 21 years old, 17 years old, and 14 years old. Just can't stop being a mother I guess.
Rebecca---'"follow them around, trying to spray their little noses" (21, 17 and 14 years old!) LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!

Thanks, Rebecca, for the best laugh of the week! I'm sitting here, working on some projects...and just opened your post!!! I'm laughing outloud!! :-) Lynn
Be careful with some of those over the counter nose sprays. They can cause all kind of damage to your body. I wonder if a few days of the prescription Flonase would help. My daughter uses it and has for years and shows no tendendics of hooked.

My sister was hooked for years on over the counter brands but after she quit I think it was under a week and she was back to normal.

I used stadol ns an opiate. I found I built up a tollerance real quick using it for headaches but never built up an addiction to it. I quit using it before that could happen. My husband didn't like me on it and was always afraid something bad was going to happen when I used it because my lips turned blue and my breathing would get raspy.
I have forgotten what Stadol is. Can you refresh my memory?
Hey AngelBaby03...I am going through the same thing now. I've been addicted to nasal decongestant spray for 2 years. Today makes 6 days that I've not used any spray (other than saline) and it is getting better. I've been taking sinus allergy pills and they have helped a lot. I tried stopping a few weeks ago without taking anything and it was torcher (I thought I may have been pregnant and did not want to take pills). I could not breathe and I did not sleep all week. So try some Sudafed or Tylenol sinus allergy. It does help.
While I've never actually been addicted to nasal spray, I get rebound congestion pretty quickly once I start using it. The only way I can beat it is to only clear one side of my nose and wait till the other one clears up. Takes a few days but it works.

Otherwise, saline spray is a good alternative. You can use it everyday and it doesn't matter as it is only salt water. When I get another cold I think I'll go and buy some saline spray. Much healthier than the medicated sprays.
:bouncing: Hi, my name is Puppers and I'm kind of new to the board, but have done a lot of medical work in my time,
I had used nasal sprays and I avoid them unless I have a severe cold because I have to be able to breathe better through my Bi-pap machine.
Rebound from them can last 3-6 days and all sprays except saline salt solution sprays to keep your nasal passages moist are addictive.
I use the spray only for two days and then use benadryl or something that is like it and ONLY contains diphenhydramine hydrochloride. The bottle will say, "compare to benadryl".
I use benadryl two times a day for two to three days and then go back to the spray only one or two days. this helps avoid the rebound effect.
Hope this helps and God bless.
[QUOTE=RebeccaW62]I have forgotten what Stadol is. Can you refresh my memory?[/QUOTE]

It is a synthetic opiate...nasty, very addictive stuff! Prescribed for migraines, originally the manufacturer claimed it was not addictive, then lots of deaths and lawsuits and now it is known to be EXTREMELY addictive. When I worked in pharmacy, some of the saddest abuse/fraud customer cases that I saw were for this medication. Thankfully, there are almost no doctors left who will prescribe it.
AngelBaby03 I was just wondering how long it has been since used the spray. It has been about 8 days for me and I still get congested. I'm going on vacation in 2 weeks and I really dont want to be congested and miserable the entire time. Good Luck!
Hey! thanks for your post! Well, its has been just around two weeks that i have been completely off them. I went on vacation for a week in Wildwood, NJ. It was nice. The nice salt air REALLY helped. As soon As i got home, i noticed a difference for the worst. But, mainly it just switches sides from nostril to nostril. It goes away when I am standing,m and then When I go to bed it gets a litle worse. Every time i lay down it seems to clog up on me more. But, I am still strugglling with this battle!!!!! Claritin D works wonders for me, BUT i stopped taking it in fear of getting adicted to psudphedrine!!!! That would not be good! the worst part is over for you, dont worry, i was worried about it to, you will feel fine on vacation if you have already gone a week. where are you going?

Hi! We are going to Virginia Beach, so hopefully I'll be able to breathe better down there. Tomorrow makes 2 weeks that I've not used spray and I don't think I am getting better. I made an appt. with an ENT for Thursday so hopefully he can give me something to give me some relief. I'm thinking that I may have developed a sinus infection. Not to be too gross, but I can look up my nose and I see little white spots. Like you, I get so much worse at night. I've been going on about 2-3 hours sleep a night. I'm still taking sudafed, but it doesn't seem to be helping like it did at first. I took one Claritin D and it helped, but I felt like I was going to have a heart attack. Well I hope you do feel better soon. Let me know how its going.
Iam I just can't stand the sense od being stuffed up it makes me feel liek iam suffocating. I go through 2 or 3 bottles of nasal spray a month
Hi, as one who has had a lifetime of sinus problems and surgeries to correct them, I also swear by nasal irrigation. Two years ago, I would have said "no way!" but after having to do it after my surgeries, it really does work. It does, however, work better if you use a "Neti pot." I don't think you get all the benefits by snorting water out of your hand. The neti pot gets all the gunk out and helps the swelling go down in the sinus cavities.

Good luck!

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