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well i took your advice and did not take the pill and stayed out the whole day and now tonight i feel good.

thanks for all the info but u got it twisted... my girlfriend is to do nothing but make sure i dont get them meaning she has to do nothing because i wont.
see the diffrence is i am not getting off them because i have to, im getting off them because i want to and thats what makes the diffrence. when i decided to quite i dumped 50 down the toilet went strate to my doctor and then home to bed. as each day passed and i got better i got more happy because i dont go through withdrawls/need them to live. right now i am so proud and happy for my self theres just no way i would take them again plus i never want to go through this again.
but if the craveings do get bad then i will take your advice and go to a meeting. there is a couple people that did it on there own with no help at all.. BELOW IS A LETTER FROM HER.

After seeing an article about Percocet addiction, I decided to search the internet for forums on this subject. I too, was addicted to Percocets. I had an endless (seemed that way at the time) supply of the #5's and #10's for a little over a year-taking up to 15 closer to the end of the "bender". A trip to the emergency room at 3 am, because of an abscess tooth, is what introduced me to these unbelievably addictive pills. I had the toothache of a lifetime!! I guess the Dr. knew it, so he gave me 4 pack of Perc's and a script of 30 Endocets to be filled the next day...and from there the nastiest habit of a lifetime was born. During the whole time that I was taking these, besides when I was sleeping, there was only about 5 hours that I went without (connections weren't home) and it scared the h*ll out of me because my body ached, I was very sick and I felt like I was going to skitz out...considering the most I ever "craved" was a cigarette. But as soon as I could, I got more and kind of blew off the fact that I was not only mentally, but PHYSICALLY addicted to them. A few month's later I sat down and cried and asked for help from above because I kept thinking back to how I felt that day and my inability to function without them, not to mention all the money that went towards that nasty habit. But my life kept revolving around them until one day the one person I got Perc's off of was cut off by his doctor, two days later my other source ran out and tried his darnedest for me, but could not get anymore. For the next couple of days I went through the most awful period in my life. I was that sick, I could not even get out of bed, yet I could not sleep. My skin was crawling, I had hot/cold flashes and had to miss 2 days of work-thank goodness it was a Thurs and Fri and that I had the weekend also to recover. But, after it was all said and done for, I felt great....I felt alert and down to earth again. I was so grateful to have my life back plus a noticeably larger amount of $$$! I also noticed how much healthier and younger I looked. What I think discourages addicts from attempting to quit are the awful recovery stories, that are plastered everywhere, about suffering and craving for months/years afterwards ....their enough to scare you right back to the supplier!! Trust me, all that garbage is B.S.! I did suffer for three days (the worst) and then still craved more for about a week and a half afterwards, but it honestly diminishes and as of now (8 mo's after quitting) it does even faze a matter of fact, 2 mo.'s after quitting, I ran into the guy I used to get from and he asked me if I wanted some because he finally hooked up. I said "no thanks and please don't ask me anymore, I quit". I didn't regret doing that one bit, not then, not now....not ever. I'm not one of those holy rollers that go around preaching the bible, but I do believe that the sudden "cut off" of my supply was a blessing sent from above and I hope that same blessing is passed on to those in need it. Please pass this story to anyone who needs a positive outlook during their road to recovery. Just remember, in life, anything is possible if it's what you want or know you need...When I quit, I didn't wean myself or take another drug to ease the withdrawal, I didn't go to rehab, nor did I seek help from anyone. I set my mind and my heart to it and believed that after the physical withdrawal was over, so would be the addiction...and for once in my life, I was right.

oh and i did make a jurnal lol......oh and dont take this the wrong way but there is people out there that are strong and dont need help.

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